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Help us reconnect people to their hearing, dignity, & self-worth.
466 Million
people worldwide have disabling hearing loss
34 Million
Are Children
There’s nothing more human than connecting —
with family, friends, and community.

That’s how we find our value and our place with others.

This is true whether across the world or in our own backyards.

Our Partners

“Isabel and her sister traveled for four days on buses to get to the clinic. The clinic was already so overwhelmed with patients that they had shut the doors, but when one volunteer heard about Isabel’s journey, they opened for her. Isabel was so grateful; she could not stop sharing how this would change her life.”

Year History

Hearing The Call was founded in 2016 in response to the overwhelming number of individuals around the world living with correctable hearing loss.


More than 12,000 people have been impacted by our mission bringing hope and healing to persons with hearing loss.


Audiologists in over 19 states donate their time, talent, and treasure to make a difference in their local communities and globally. 


Our vision to create long-term, sustainable hearing health care through humanitarian trips has impacted 13 countries.

Global & Local Impact

Hearing the Call is changing destinies through our three-pronged approach.

Reaching Those In Need

Provide immediate hearing health care to those children and adults with no access to hearing health care, globally or at home.

Providing Hearing Aid

Partner with communities, globally and at home, to train and support long-term hearing health care through scholarships, equipment, and building clinics.

Continuous Support

Train, educate, and equip on-site caregivers to create sustainable hearing health care in the areas we are serving, along with providing continued education, supplies and support.

Have you ever seen a Hearing Smile?
Hear from those who have
been given the gift of hearing.
Your donation will go towards creating a world where everyone can fulfill their destiny.