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Our Story

Connection. Fort Bend Hearing believes that our enjoyment of life stems from the quality of our relationships. Connecting to our loved ones, colleagues, teachers and engaging in our communities becomes a struggle for those with hearing loss.

At Fort Bend Hearing we believe in quality hearing health care for all. For many years we have supported Entheos and Hearing the Call by donating hearing aids and quality hearing care services to underserved individuals with hearing loss, both within the United States as well as abroad. In our desire to help others connect and communicate with their loved ones and their surrounding environments, we have started the first local project in Texas called “Hearing the Call Greater Houston”. Hearing the Call Greater Houston will allow Fort Bend Hearing to provide access to quality and affordable hearing health care for low-income individuals in Texas.

Our Mission

Fort Bend Hearing and Hearing the Call Greater Houston’s mission is to continue to provide hearing aids and quality hearing care services to underserved individuals with hearing loss, both locally and globally.

Our Vision

Hearing the Call Greater Houston’s vision is that all people have access to quality hearing health care. Through our Humanitarian Clinic Days, income qualified individuals receive the Gift of Hearing. All that we ask in return is that our recipients “pay it forward” as part of our “Circle of Giving”. We believe in giving a hand-up and not a hand-out.

Our Promise

Fort Bend Hearing and Hearing the Call Greater Houston’s core values are integrity, servant’s heart, and relevance. In line with our core values, we promise to treat our recipients with kindness, respect, and dignity, with some fun along the way.

The Need

1 in 5 Americans suffer from hearing loss to an extent that interferes with communication. Untreated hearing loss has a devastating effect on individuals, families, and communities. We believe no one should miss out on participating fully in life due to hearing loss. Unfortunately, most insurance plans do not cover the costs associated with treating hearing loss. Hearing the Call Greater Houston brings hope and healing to those with hearing difficulties.

Our Services

  • Reduced Fee, Sliding Scale Hearing Clinic for families with incomes up to 250% Federal Poverty Level
  • Hearing Aid Donation Program collects used hearing aids for use on missions, non-profit work, repairs or credit towards better technology.
  • Loaner Hearing Aid Program for Cancer and Hospice patients
  • International Hearing Missions

Our Give Back Model

We are not a free clinic. We operate on a reduced fee schedule to make hearing healthcare affordable for individuals and families with incomes up to 250% of the federal poverty level. Qualified participants will show proof of financial need, pay a small fee for their new hearing devices, and give back volunteer hours in our community as a way to say “Thank You” to local businesses, families and friends who are donating for their care.

Donate Used Hearing Aids

If you would like to donate used hearing aids to give the gift of hearing, please call (281) 277-7272.

Contact Us

4550 Sweetwater Blvd., Suite A
Sugar Land, TX 77479

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