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Our Story

Hearing loss has devastating impacts on individuals, families, and communities. Untreated hearing loss increases the risk of falls in certain populations, can be associated with cognitive decline, and is also related to depression and social isolation, along with many other health factors. Hearing loss often goes untreated because of a lack of insurance coverage and affordability of treatment. Audiology Services of West Virginia is partnering with Hearing the Call to bring a reduced cost/sliding scale fee hearing clinic to the state of West Virginia. Treating hearing loss improves educational opportunities, reduces risk of related health issues, enhances human connection, and provides a bridge to full participation in life.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide hearing healthcare in the state of West Virginia to those otherwise unable to afford it. It is our mission to provide hearing services to those in need while providing these patients with the opportunity to give back to their community through the circle of giving.

Our Vision

Our vision is to improve the quality of life for low-income individuals in West Virginia with hearing loss through affordable hearing healthcare and by creating a larger sense of purpose through community service through the circle of giving.

Our Promise

Our promise is to provide hearing testing as well as fitting and maintenance of hearing aids for low-income individuals in West Virginia. It is our passion to help people live their best lives through better hearing!

The Need

1 in 5 Americans suffers from hearing loss to an extent that interferes with communication. We believe no one should miss out on participating fully in life due to hearing loss. Untreated hearing loss has a devastating impact on individuals, families, and communities. Sadly, even Medicare does not cover any of the costs of treating hearing loss, nor do many health insurance plans.

Our Services

  • Reduced Fee, Sliding Scale Hearing Clinic for families with incomes up to 250% Federal Poverty Level
  • Hearing Aid Donation Program collects used hearing aids for use on missions, non-profit work, repairs or credit towards better technology
  • Loaner Hearing Aid Program for Cancer and Hospice patients

Our Give Back Model

We are not a free clinic. We operate on a reduced fee schedule to make hearing healthcare affordable for individuals and families with incomes up to 250% of the federal poverty level. Individuals who qualify for hearing aids through the program pay a significantly reduced amount for a hearing aid. In return, our unique Circle of Giving model gives our patients the opportunity to give back to the community through volunteer hours. Our hearing aid donation program collects used hearing aids for credit and for global mission trips.

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2012 Garfield Ave. Suite 4
Parkersburg, WV 26101

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