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The Problem

In the United States, untreated hearing loss often leads to isolation, depression, and lower earning potential. 

In many other countries, it may also lead to ostracization, little or no education, and physical abuse.

This is the case for 466 million people worldwide...
... of which 34 million are children.

The Solution

Hearing the Call is a nonprofit campaign that brings hope and healing to the hearing-impaired locally and globally, through promoting dignity, self-worth, and opportunity through the gift of hearing.

We provide opportunities for audiologists, ENT doctors, students, and volunteers to travel to countries and areas such as Jordan, Palestine, Zambia, South Africa, Guatemala, Ecuador, and more.

We also provide opportunities to help in our own back yard through local organizations throughout the United States.

How Can You Answer The Call?

Giving back — whether through time, talent, or treasure — is good for the soul.


Your time is valuable, and we have many ways to put your time and energy to good use. Volunteer on a humanitarian trip or help one of our local nonprofit organizations. Fundraising events and outreach projects are also great ways to get involved.


We all have special talents—what is yours? We have gathered a team of the nation’s top audiologists and always welcome more. We also need translators, art enthusiasts, program managers, organization specialists for registration and metrics, and those blessed with the gift of compassion.


By donating, you help provide equipment, state-of-the art hearing devices, supplies, and support for training and education. Every penny helps, and your donation will go towards creating a world where everyone can fulfill his or her destiny.
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