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Our Story

Hearing the Call – Colorado is designed to provide access to quality and affordable hearing health care for qualified individuals in the Centennial State. Eight clinics in the state are supporting this initiative. The audiologists have known for years that there were a lot more people who needed hearing healthcare but couldn’t afford it. Our campaign brings hope and healing to the hearing-impaired locally in Colorado. Through quality healthcare, we help people connect with family, education, and opportunities.

Next Hearing Clinics:

June 8th – We will have a LIVE Hearing the Call event at Columbine Hearing Care in Littleton 

August 2nd – Better Together Simultaneously Clinic (All 8 Sites)

October 4th – Better Together Simultaneous Clinic (All 8 Sites)

(Applications Due 30 Days Prior to Event Dates)

Our Hearing Partners

Our Mission

Our desire is to BRIDGE THE GAP for qualified individuals in Colorado who cannot access audiology care due to financial need.

Our Vision

Our vision is that NO PERSON is prevented from full participation in life due to hearing loss. service and gains a greater purpose while doing so.

Our Promise

Our promise and passion is to help people who want to stay active and engaged rediscover hearing clearly and without strain.

About Us

Hearing the Call-Colorado is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established to meet the hearing needs of low-income individuals. Hearing the Call-Colorado is a partnership between the below referenced audiologists and Hearing the Call, and we serve those patients in our region. We provide hearing services for a reduced fee that will be determined on a sliding scale system based on the applicant’s household size and income. Our goal is to help make hearing care accessible to our patients who cannot afford it. This assistance comes through donations from audiologists as well as donors across Colorado and the United States. We ask all participants to pay this generosity forward through the commitment of volunteer hours at their charity of choice to complete the circle of giving.

To qualify for our program, you must meet certain financial criteria based on Federal Poverty Guidelines. These criteria are outlined in the application link.

Please complete the linked application and return all forms along with your supporting documents, including a current hearing test and financial documentation (2 years of tax returns or 3 months of bank statements) per the instructions included:

  • Intake Form
  • Demographic Information
  • HIPAA Disclosure
  • Eligibility Document Checklist
  • Eligibility & Consent Form
  • Audiogram (within past 12 months)
  • Supporting documents and financials

Our Give Back Model

As you receive the gift of hearing, remember that a lot of work has occurred behind the scenes to make this possible for you. All we ask in return is to share your story of gratitude AND to complete 10 hours of community service to complete the circle of giving by paying it forward. If approved, you will be provided with the form for you to document your 10 hours of community give-back. Please bring it with you to your fitting. These good deeds may be performed by you or a loved one. Included on the form will be some ideas, but there are no restrictions on what you may choose to do. Have fun with this!


Hearing the Call-Colorado is available to children and adults who have been diagnosed with hearing loss and reside in Colorado. You do not have to be a legal US citizen. Undocumented citizens may also apply. We do not provide funding. If approved, the recipient must be able to arrange to be fit at one of our listed locations and by one of our HTC-C approved providers. Donated technology will be selected for you. Sometimes it is refurbished, sometimes it is new.

The following eligibility requirements must be met to enroll in this project:

  • Reside in Colorado
  • Diagnosed with hearing loss in one or both ears
  • Current audiogram (hearing test) must be submitted with the application (must be performed within the last 12 months)
  • Ability to complete a total of 10 hours of community service
  • Income not to exceed 250% above Annual Federal Poverty Guidelines
  • No more than $10,000 in cash reserves and/or savings
  • No more than $50,000 in accessible finances in retirement and/or investments
  • Proof of household income and assets is required. “Household” is defined as any individuals who live together in the same residence (regardless of familial relationship) who purchase, share, and/or prepare food together. If an adult over 18 is living in the home and paying rent/sharing expenses (must be documented), he/she can be classified as a boarder and their portion of rent only will be attributed as income to the household


“Better Together Simultaneously”

Hearing Clinics

August 2 & October 4, 2024

Arvada, Burlington, Colorado Springs,

Denver, Durango, Estes Park

Lafayette & Longmont 

Must Pre-Qualify

No Drop-Ins

Applications Due 30 Days Prior to Event Date

Instructions for how and where to submit your completed application are found on Page 2 of the application packet. Please click the button below to download and print your application packet.

Complete applications (including all financial documents and a hearing test performed within the last 6 months) are due 4 weeks before the event date.

Ready to Apply? Click the button to download the application packet.

The Need

1 in 5 Americans suffers from hearing loss to an extent that interferes with communication. We believe no one should miss out on participating fully in life because of hearing loss. Untreated hearing loss has a devastating impact on individuals, families, and communities. Sadly, even Medicare does not cover any of the costs of treating hearing loss, nor do many health insurance plans.


Hearing the Call is a nonprofit campaign bringing hope and healing to the hearing-impaired. Through quality healthcare, we help people connect with family, education, and opportunities.

Our Give Back Model

Qualified participants will show proof of financial need, pay a small fee for their hearing devices and give back volunteer hours in their community as a way to say “Thank you” to the local companies, families and friends that are donating for their care.

“I cannot ignore helping someone in my community who has a hearing loss. Hearing is incredibly important for overall health, relationships and quality of life. We want to make hearing health care accessible to anyone, and the Give Hear project allows us to do that.” – Dusty Jessen, Audiologist, Columbine Hearing Care.

How to Submit Your Completed Application

(Please Choose ONE Method)

Fax: Columbine Hearing Care
(720) 669-8960

Mail: Columbine HearingCare
    5808 S Rapp St, Suite 102
    Littleton, CO  80120

Drop Off: Complete applications may be hand-delivered to one of our seven participating Entheos Audiology Cooperative audiologists’ offices listed below.  Please call the clinic to arrange a time to drop off your application.

Participating Entheos Audiology Cooperative Clinics:

Animas Valley Audiology Associates
799 E 3rd St Suite #1,
Durango, CO 81301

Columbine Hearing Care
5808 S Rapp St, Ste 102, 
Littleton, CO 80120

Elite Hearing of Colorado Springs
4195 Centennial Blvd,
Colorado Springs, CO 80907

Flatirons Audiology, Inc.
300 Exempla Circle Ste 365,
Lafayette, CO 80026

Longmont Hearing and Tinnitus Center
195 S Main St #8,
Longmont, CO 80501

McArthur Audiology, LLC
366 14th St,
Burlington, CO 80807

New Leaf Hearing Clinic, Inc.
8721 Wadsworth Blvd. Suite C
Arvada, CO 80003

Contact Us

195 S Main St #8
Longmont, CO 80501

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