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How far would you travel to hear again? Just ask Isabel.

She had difficulty hearing in school. At one point, when she was in middle school, a friend surprised Isabel and took her to a clinic where she heard they might be able to help. Isabel was able to get a hearing aid.

One of the most difficult things for someone who has hearing loss is to regain some of that ability, only then to lose it again. Isabel’s hearing aid stopped working and she could not get it fixed. She had no access to any hearing healthcare at that point, and was thrown back into a world of silence.

Now in her early twenties, Isabel’s sister heard about “Hearing the Call” in the media. They were over 1,300 miles away from the capital city of Maputo. So, Isabel and her sister traveled for four days on buses to get to the clinic.

The clinic was already so over-whelmed with patients that they had shut the doors, but when one volunteer heard about Isabel’s journey, they opened for her. Isabel was so grateful, she could not stop sharing how this would change her life. In addition to her new hearing devices, she now has a clinic to contact if something goes wrong. Now she’ll never lose what she has gained.

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