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It was easy to see that Byron was shy and withdrawn when he first arrived at the clinic. He would hide his face when people looked at him. His father had been taking the 15-year-old to a psychiatrist for his “misbehavior” and telling people he was “crazy.”

Finally, his family learned Byron suffered from a moderate hearing loss. At a clinic in Manta, Bryon received two hearing aids. Within a few minutes, Byron’s demeanor completely changed, and he was smiling and talkative. His mother began to cry and said she was extremely happy. His parents say Byron’s future is now greatly improved. Byron says he is looking forward to doing better in school and listening to rap music.

“Byron’s future is now greatly improved!” – Byron’s mother, through tears of joy, after her child was fit with two hearing devices.

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One of the most difficult things for someone who has hearing loss is to regain some of that ability, only then to lose it again.

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